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zaterdag 10 maart 2012

The future is ours to see 8

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Some days ago I spotted a new trend: Chiliwire. They present themselves as the new Facebook, with this difference that users share in the revenues. It’s a pyramid-system. The more users you convince to join, the more money you can make. And you know what: the concept will work. Why? Do I really have to explain this?
Facebook was set up by a couple of students who wanted to share amongst each other. The idea was not new. Together with some fellow artist I built a likewise application in the late nineties, as a possibility to keep in touch and share ideas, other than by email. Time was not ripe to commercialize it, or better: no-one thought of commercialization. It was for fun and for own use. It was no-one else’s affair.
The same for the students, apart from Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the commercial wiz kid of the group. That it worked we all know: the fun-tool of the years 2000.
The developers of Chiliwire must have thought: If people love to share, it is even more fun when gaining real money from it. At least if people don’t have actually to do anything for it. They already share, they already invite friends, why not split a part of the income we gain through advertising. The concept is as simple as can be, and there is a future in it, because Internet is all about sharing. Facebook is a one-way-alley: the users share, the owners collect. As I explained before: Zuckerberg is still thinking in the past to discover the future. The old economy versus the new, which will be about sharing if one wants to stand out in a world without boundaries. The world is too big (seven billion), and the Internet community too large and too dominant in not so much time from now.
There is another reason why initiatives like Chiliwire will succeed. More and more people have to stay home making their income. For various reasons: traffic, energy, pollution, and not the least: time! Internet-society is an information-society, and therefore time-consuming. This grows so fast that a lot of people actually sleep less to cope. Staying home and making your income from there, saves time. That is one reason why so many people are looking for extra revenues over the Net, and what is more easy then do what you already do, lay back and make money at the same time.
The Internet made it possible to work from home. The next thing will be that people actually make their earnings, not because of logging in their employers network, but because the electronic highway itself supports them with everything necessary.

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…to be continued… 

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