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dinsdag 18 februari 2014

Touristic snapshot song

Walking pass Wolder,
a former village, now town
as part of Maastricht
famous for its treaty in 1992
surrounded by cultured nature,
marl mines and hills

Going up Descending road
in winterwonderland sunshine
as only climate-change can bring;
all up to the top: Apostle farm
where Jesus got his wine
and bread instead

Overlooking the Jeker valley
The slot in the river in a distance
boxed between woods and meadows,
a motorway with little traffic
in speedy times old road to Belgium
where a border is no more

Hill up Saint Peter
and call it Mount for lower countries
that will float one day,
but if you are here
you will keep all limps dry
almost 200 meters high

On Saint Peters Mountain
where once many battles were fought,
the last fight is the marl mine
to built your houses,
your streets and walls
digging us flat and leave with nothing

Looking shoulder back to where I live
that small village which is no longer
just a tiny border of a growing town
Not to differ anymore
swallowed like the rest
and what has yet to come

Staring into the deep
Lower ground that once was high
a hill digged out and replaced
by ponds and tire tracks
the naked slopes of yellow marl
bright coloring in winter sun

There are still and many paths to walk
to climb and train your muscles
and meadow slopes promising in Spring
a carpet of colors blooming
surrounded by forest that is left alone
maybe forever and at least for long

Looking down the river Meuse
that comes a long way
a waterway with ships and boats
rafting to the sea
where hills no more, no longer
obstructing men’s progress

Will I stay in this quite landscape
of birds and bees
and trees and green
My home-land it is,
no longer as it was
like all the world changing…

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